Monday, March 15, 2010

I LOVE Queeen. And when I sw this at Discount book in Kalamazoo, I was so excited as I have never read a story about this so talented man. And to then read that it carried his own words... I got the book and then attacked it.

First off there is a very well written and touching forward by his own Mother. The most touching thing about that is she so misses him, and you can read that in every word she wrote.

The book is not really a story per se, it is more a series of stories and thoughts, analogies mostly by him. He was such a powerful man on stage, so out there, so much the showman, however behind closed doors he was so private and so afraid of interviews. He was a man before his time even back then as he knew what the press usually does to ones words....

This book was very interesting as he detailed alot of the behind closed doors fighting that the band did, he detailed there talks, there private lives, and his own fears and worries. The book was edited very well, and the writers who put together all of this actually did a very nice job at doing it.

The book is insightful without being trashy as he was gay, and even though they mentioned his "laisons" they did it in a way that was tactful, and respected the man and his legacy. I only found one serious issue with this book, and that was the multiple editors, and writers. You can tell when someone else takes over the writing. That made the "flow" disruptive and took some of the enjoyment out of the book. Other than that I would say get this one it is a very good read, and this one gets a well deserved

4 Stars

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